I know it’s been a couple of weeks since we last posted but fret not my fellow fun running friends, your escapades have not forgone my notice! 

Trentham 10k 


I’ll start with the brilliantly represented Trentham 10k which features in our club champs AND is a nostalgic feature of the NSRRA racers out there. Paul Hancock continued his excellent form with 38:08 over the undulating course. James Simpson followed up with 41:29 and Peter Harris in 48:00. Also racing were Norman Hindle (51:40), Clive Heathcock (53:37), Kerry Podmore (54:02), Phil Cliff (54:02), Cheryl Pickston (58:19) and Micheline Tremblay (01:03:09).

Sandbach 10k


Over in Sandbach on the same day saw a plethora of Harriers support the local Striders’ race. 


Matt Taylor finished fourth in 35:51, Rob Baker in 42:29 and Richard Cherrington in 49:16. It was great to see Nick Hackett back in action in 50:10 and James Huxley in 50:13. Competing were Mark Sutton (55:18), Alan Cragg (59:18), Cheryl Percival (59:19), Shelagh Swinnerton (59:20), Ian Spencer Moore (01:02:35), Jo Darlington (01:04:24), Serena Van Schepdael (01:04:27) and Simon Walker (01:07:56). 

London Landmarks


Alice Smith and Nathan Kapp deserve a special mention here for participating in the London Landmarks half marathon last weekend. It was their VERY FIRST live race! What an incredible one to choose!


Crossing the finish line in 02:05:07, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing you both at some more events soon!

Newcastle 10k 

Last Sunday will be a memorable day for many as the team took to the country lanes for the Newcastle 10k, in what I can only describe as, a biblical weather front!

Not only did we have amazing turn out for the club but I’ll put the incredible times down to racing spirit opposed to wanted to get out of the downpour! 😉

Well done to Paul Hancock (37:19), Jonathan Slaney (37:28), James Simpson (39:33), Darren Beach (42:26), Dave Nimmo (43:48), David Kivlin (46:09), Sharna Gallagher (46:10), Anne-Marie Taylor (46:27), Claire Harrison (47:27), Richard Cherrington (49:14), Claire Kivlin (49:20), Clive Heathcock (49:50), Dennis Robinson (49:52), Norman Hindle (50:11), Kerry Podmore (50:42), Rachel Beach (50:43), Suzanne Dale (50:51), Nathan Kapp (50:59), Alice Smith (53:08), Cheryl Pickston (54:52), Phil Cliff (55:37), Natalie Bailey (55:38), Ian Royal (57:34), Micheline Tremblay (58:49), Sophie Daragheh (50:27) and Juliet Carter (01:01:22).

The Weird and the Wonderful


Danielle Kenny ran the beautiful CYBI Coastal marathon last weekend. With over 2,000ft of elevation gain, she ran the hilly 26 miles in 05:02:53. Stunning! 


In action over in the Peak District was our very own Philippa Tyson who completed the Peak Skyline 14.5 distance discipline in 03:35:01. 


Meanwhile our resident Iron Man Pat Hudson reminded us all that cross training is as important as anything as he completed a swim race in Chester. 


Finally, I know Rachel has celebrated these two already but it’s worth mentioning that Phil Cliff and Cheryl Pickston were the recipients of our May and June member of the month accolades. Congratulations to them both and a reminder to everyone to vote now for your June member ⭐️

I’m away this next week but I’ll make sure your achievements are captured anyway. For those of you who are starting to complete your long runs in line with your marathon training plans, keep up the hard work, stay positive and just take it a step at a time.

If you fancy helping out with these reports, or sharing your experiences, get in touch 🙂