Run Leaders

The cornerstone of our great club is our volunteer coaching and run leaders’ team. They plan weekly running routes, organise running groups, ensure runner safety and help runners achieve personal fitness goals and training objectives. It’s not an easy task!

Here is a full list of our Run Leaders and their guided running paces:

If you have any questions or would like to become a run leader, please speak to Amy Grace or use the contact form.

Pace Chart For Tues & Thursday Training Runs

Distances and paces are approximate and may vary on the night depending on the session and run leader. Please choose a group/pace with which you feel comfortable running. If in doubt run with a slower group. Here is a full list of our training groups and a guide to running pace and distance:

Run Leader Group Number Average Pace (min/mile) Approximate Distance (miles) Suitable for runners who can comfortably cover 10k in approx: Suitable for runners who can comfortably cover 5k in approx:
James Simpson
Steven Crowe
1 7:00-7:30 7.5-8 43-46 mins 20-23 mins
Pat Hudson
Amy Grace
Robin Zoka
2 7:30-8:00 7.5-8 45-50 mins 22-25 mins
Louise Lewis
Les Morris
Claire Harrison
3 8:00-8:30 7-7.5 49-53 mins 24-27 mins
Phil Cliff
Les Morris
4 8:30-9:00 7-7.5 52-56 mins 26-28 mins
Peter Harris
Rachel Beach
5 9:00:9:30 6.5-7 55-60 mins 27-30 mins
Cathy Atherton
Neil Ridgway
6 9:30-10:00 6-6.5 59-63 mins 29-32 mins
Nicola Marshall
Natalie Bailey
Claire Allman
7 10:00-11:00 4.5-5.5 62-70 mins 31-35 mins
Simon Walker
Gill Gibbons
8 11:00-12:00 4-5 N/A 35 mins +