The Harrier’s racing teams are competitive, but we are still able to have some fun! All members are welcome to join a race team but equally, if this isn’t for you, there’s no pressure to compete.

We enter and support teams in numerous events across the county and beyond such as the North Staffs Road Running Association, (NSRRA) the North Staffs Cross Country League
(NSCCL) and increasingly National and Regional Masters competitions, for those aged over 35 years.

If you’d like to race in a club team event, like the cross-country league, please register your interest (or lack of interest) with the Race Managers (Sadie Prince and Dave Nimmo) and the Men’s and Women’s Team Captains (James Simpson and Claire Kivlin).

Men’s Road Championship : Premier Division 10 best races 1 of which must be 5K and 1 a Half Marathon, Divisions 1 2 & 3 best 8 any distance, Division 4, best 6 any distance.

Ladies Road Championship : Premier Division 8 best races 1 of which must be 5K and 1 a Half Marathon, Divisions 1 & 2 best 6 any distance, Division 3, best 4 any distance.

Performance is based on WMA Road age-grading calculator 2015

Date Name Details
23 Feb 21 Potters 10 Mile
16 Mar 21 Knighton 10K
06  Apr 21 Air Products 10K
30 Apr 21 Mid-Cheshire 10K
02 May 21 Uttoxeter Half Marathon
05 May 21 Clayton 10K
06 Jun 21 Westbridge 5 Mile
19 Jun 21 Meerbrook 15
27 Jun 21 Stone St. Michaels 10K
11 Jul 21 Wilmslow 10K
18 Jul 21 St. Thomas 10K
21 Jul 21 Staffs Knot 5 Mile
25 Jul 21 Helena Tipping 10K