Junior Membership

At South Cheshire Harriers, we do not have a dedicated junior section, we can however offer the following support to young athletes:

Ages 8-11

We offer our youngest athletes a competition only membership. Although our training sessions are not appropriate for 8-11 year olds we are keen to allow under 12s to join in order to represent the club in age appropriate events. This option is mainly aimed at the children of our current members who may wish to represent the club at events such as parkrun or local cross country leagues.

Ages 12-15

These young athletes are able to attend our Tuesday night intervals sessions which are overseen by our qualified coaching team. Interval training is particularly suitable for young athletes as it develops running skills and good technique. These sessions are held most Tuesday evenings from Crewe Vagrants – specific details are released each week on the closed club facebook group (which parents of Junior members are able to sign up to).

Our training sessions are conducted on quiet local pavements or off-road (session plans and risk assessments are available for each training session) so parents MUST take full responsibility for their child. The following rules are in place to ensure the health and safety of our junior athletes:

  • Athletes 12-15 years old must be accompanied by either a parent or guardian or a designated responsible adult.
  • Run leaders do not accept responsibility for any U16 running in their group.
  • It is the parent or responsible adult’s job to ensure that the run leader for the group is aware of who is looking after each young athlete before the run starts.
  • The responsible adult or parent also continues to be responsible for ensuring that the U16 stays visible to them during the run
  • The responsible adult must have emergency contact details for the parent or guardian of the U16.
  • If a parent isn’t going to be running with the child then they need to ensure that the responsible adult who is going to be looking after them is happy to do so before each club run. Do not presume that a responsible adult is happy to look after a child just because they have done so before.
  • It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure U16s get to and from training sessions safely.

Ages 16-17

This category offers the same benefits as our senior membership and access to all club training sessions.