Sean Dyer South Cheshire Harriers with London Marathon Medal

In October 2021, long-standing club member Sean Dyer was nominated as member of the month by fellow members, for running two fantastic marathon times in the space of two weeks at Manchester and London.

Below he answers a few questions and provides some advice for new runners…

Tell us about your experiences at London and Manchester marathon in October?

I think there was a lot of attention and pressure on what I was able to do on the day. I had a exceeded my own expectations in 2019 when I ran my first marathon in Chicago in 2:54:20. I had been running really well up to raceday so I just had to be fearless and go for it and leave no regrets at the finish line. It was really great to see thousands of people line the streets of London and Manchester especially all of the Harriers who made the trip to spectate.

How do you prepare your body for back to back marathons?

I would never recommend running back-to-back marathons, but because of COVID I had an entry already for Manchester and managed to sneak into London. I knew that if I messed up in London the weekend before, I had another opportunity to run a competitive time. Of course, recently we’ve seen the amazing Shalane Flanagan run the six major marathons in six weeks!

What drew your attention to marathon running?

Being able to combine my running with travelling was a key-factor to go marathon racing. I started with Chicago Marathon in October 2019, as I used to live in the Midwest and have strong connections to the city. I also think it’s the biggest challenge and I always wanted to do one.

What advice would you give to those training for their first marathon?

Although marathon racing is physically demanding, I think the hardest part of all of the training and the actual race itself is the mental aspect. Getting through the door can be sometimes the hardest part of the whole thing, so making sure that you are mentally ready to do one is important.

Also, I’m a firm believer of being very flexible and being able to adapt your plan, because ultimately life will derail your training at some point.

How long have you been a member of South Cheshire Harriers?

Even though I have been a member of the Harriers for well over a decade now, I am still one of the youngest members of the club! I have been running since I was 11, first starting off at Crewe & Nantwich AC running 800m & 1500m. Then when I was 15, I made the switch to SCH, moving slowly through the distances up to Marathon.

Starting off at the track club has helped my long-distance running, because we focused a lot on technique whilst we were there, especially for interval training. I do try my best to pass along the tips I’ve learnt to other members when I can.

Can you tell us more about your plans for the future?

I like to break down my goals into short, medium and long-term. My long-term goal is to complete the six World Marathon Majors (Chicago, Berlin, New York, Boston, Tokyo and London) around the world and collect the exclusive silverware that comes with it. Next year in 2022, I am aiming to box off Boston and Berlin in April and September respectively.

What advice would you give to new runners?

My best advice to new runners is to not expect instant results straight away. You will not become Olympic Champion overnight. Whether you are running to improve your fitness, or to start competing against others and the clock, it takes a few weeks or even a month or two to start seeing any positive results. Please stick with it and keep focused on the goal that you set because success isn’t far around the corner.


Thanks Sean for taking part in our Q&A, and well done again for your huge achievements. Good luck with your 2022 goals!

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