London Marathon

As a UK Athletics affiliated club, each year South Cheshire Harriers are very fortunate to be given a number of places for the London Marathon (VLM), depending on membership size (usually 3-4).

In order to ensure a fair selection process, the club runs its own internal ballot for those members who have been unsuccessful in the London Marathon ballot process. The club ballot is open to first claim members only.

To be eligible to enter the SCH club ballot, members must:

  • be a paid-up member of SCH for the full and current year in which the SCH ballot is drawn
  • be a paid-up member of SCH for a full 12 month period prior to the date the VLM ballot entries open *

Members who are successful in gaining a club place:

  • must be a paid-up member of SCH on the date the VLM takes place (whether this be on the original date or if the member has chosen to defer to the following year) **
  • will be excluded from the following 2 ballots (3 ballots if you end up deferring your place)

Members who have run the VLM with a ‘Good for Age’ place:

  • will be excluded from the club ballot until 2 years after their GFA expires

A date by which you must prove eligibility and declare your wish to be included in the club ballot will be advertised soon after 8th February 2021. The deadline for declarations will be one week before the internal ballot is drawn.

*In 2020 the VLM ballot opened on 4th October which means that members must have paid for membership for the full year of 2020 and part/ full year for 2019 (providing their membership started on or prior to 4th October 2019).

** If, on the date the VLM takes place, your membership has expired, or you have chosen to change to another affiliated club, you will be required to relinquish your club place in order that it can be allocated to another club member.