Whether running in a group or on your own, it is important to follow these rules:

  • When running in a group, communicate with and support your fellow runners. In large groups, please run in pairs to minimise the space taken on the footpath or road.
  • When passing others, (i.e. pedestrians, dog walkers etc) do so in single file. Runners at the front of the group should always shout clear instructions to colleagues behind to inform them of obstructions, pedestrians or oncoming traffic.
  • When running (particularly on dark nights or along quiet lanes), please always remain vigilant and alert. Take care in dim or poorly lit areas as trips and slips are more prevalent because it’s much more difficult to find the best landing spot for your feet. Where possible, wear Hi-Viz or bright clothing, carry a torch or invest in a wearable head or body torch.
  • When running along country lanes, do so facing the traffic and take particular care when approaching bends or blind spots in the road and where possible, always use the footpath.
  • In other areas of the country, there have been reports of personal attacks on solo runners. When running alone, please let someone know your intended route and your expected time of return.
  • If you (or one of your running colleagues) become injured or are struggling to keep up, inform the Run Leader so that he/she can, where necessary, make arrangements to ensure you (or a colleague) can get back safely. Equally, in some of our larger running groups, please support the Run Leader/s by carefully listening to their instructions so that you always remain safe.
  • Please do not leave slower or injured runners to make their way back on their own.

Our running motto is: #noonegetsleftbehind
For further information and advice on keeping safe, please see our staying safe page.