Club Coaching

UKA Coach in Running Fitness


The club currently has two qualified UK Athletics coaches namely, Alasdair Dyde and Mike Stevens. Both hold a UKA Coach in Running Fitness qualification. This enables them to lead training sessions with groups of runners to help improve fundamental running skills and drills, energy systems and endurance running, physical preparation and provide basic advice on nutrition and hydration. They are also able to advise on the creation of training plans and their delivery.

Mike currently organises 'Running Techniques Workshops' each quarter for new members to the club. The workshop lasts about an hour and covers, Agility, Balance and Coordination skills. During the workshop focus is placed on mobility and practising and developing competence in running drills and the importance of pre-run warm up and post-run cool-down routines.

Mike also delivers a bi-weekly, 'Circuit Training for Runners' one-hour session (usually track-based) for those who wish to improve general running performance and develop greater stamina. This session is a mixture of interval repetitions of various times and distances interspersed with body weight resistance exercises.

Mike is generally available at the club on training nights and both he and Alasdair are available for personal advice and support.

Leader in Running Fitness

Over the last few years the club has grown in number and to support club members we now have a number of Run Leaders to lead club runs. (Their names are provided below.)

They have all attended a specific Level 1 course offered by England Athletics for run leaders called "Leader in Running Fitness" which is a one-day course and all attendees are then approved to be certified leaders after completing a CRB (Police) Check. They then receive a Licence from England Athletics.

The Leader's Licence entitles them to "lead groups of adults in endurance sessions having done a risk assessment". They lead groups under the direction of a Coach. Our leaders are also very experienced runners themselves so are well placed to offer advice and encouragement to all runners and to impart their personal knowledge and skills.

We can never have enough Leaders or Coaches to ensure cover, and we'd be especially pleased to hear from anyone who would like become a Run Leader.

  •   - Graeme Spencer
  •   - Mark Taylor
  •   - Les Morris
  •   - Nick Dunning
  •   - Phil Cliff
  •   - Mike Wrench
  •   - Charlotte Logie
  •   - Colin Wynne
  •   - Claire Holly Allan
  •   - Mike Stevens
  •   - Stephen Whincup
  •   - Leanne Banks
  •   - Louise Gordon
  •   - David Bettley
  •   - Anne Penkethman
If you're interested in getting involved in coaching, please get in touch with Alasdair Dyde. You can find a roadmap of the coaching courses available from UK Athletics here

Interval Sessions

We offer all club members the opportunity to improve their speed, performance and stamina by taking part in our Tuesday night intervals sessions.

These sessions are for runners of all abilities and they are held at several local locations from 7.00PM for an hour. Occasionally we meet at the club and run to the location. We tend to use different locations each week to ensure a good variety of terrain (road, track or trail), elevation (flat and hilly) and distance short sprint sessions (50 -250 metres) or longer sessions (800 to 1,500m)

Typical sessions include:
  • 10 min Warm Up run
  • Dynamic stretching and drills
  • The session itself (around 25 mins)
  • 10 min Cool Down run
  • Stretching routines.

To join our intervals sessions please keep an eye on the club's Facebook page as each week Mike Stevens will post (on a Sunday afternoon/evening) which location we will be meeting at on the following Tuesday.


The club is able to help those new to running, particular those who might need support as they build their mileage e.g. migrating from a run/walk programme. Martin Stirna is our Run leader who looks after this specific group and has many years of experience in supporting new runners

All we ask is that if you want to come as a new runner you let us know in advance, so we can make sure we can accommodate within his group.

Training Plans & Guides

Twice each year the club offers a structured 10-week 'Couch to 5K' training programme.

This is aimed at people who are completely new to running and who want to improve their overall fitness and well-being. The programme is structured around a weekly Group Session (usually either on a Saturday morning or on a Wednesday evening (in the Spring) followed by participants completing two individual 'homework' sessions during the week.

The programme culminates with the group completing a 5k parkrun together at Queens Park Crewe and is supported by numerous experienced club runners who, as Volunteer Run Leaders, are on hand to provide advice, guidance and motivation.

A 10-week programme to get you started and up to 5km (about 3 miles) Couch to 5K (PDF)

A guide to Interval Training Interval Training (PDF)

A guide to Alberto 300s (Intervals) Alberto 300 Intervals (PDF)