Club Coaching

UKA Coach in Running Fitness

Alasdair Dyde

My role

As a UKA qualified Coach in Running Fitness my primary role in the club is to be an advocate of running by planning, delivering and reviewing sessions/programmes to develop technical running skills and the physical and mental capabilities of the athlete(s) I am working with. The coaching focus is based around the learning of new movement or reinforcing existing correct technique

That’s the science. More specifically for club members this means a free, qualified resource that’s available to:
  •   - Help runners identify, plan and evaluate the development their needs e.g. training for a specific race
  •   - Advise on running technique, which could include areas such as coordination; balance; strength; flexibility; endurance; speed; energy systems
  •   - Supervise those Group Leaders I’m working with in the delivery of sessions or part sessions
  •   - Manage the safety and welfare of those under my supervision
  •   - Educate runners about all aspects of competition
  •   - Develop the coaching structure to support the current and future needs of the club

What does that mean in practice?

At a group level to provide training programmes/sessions that will help participating runners to develop a solid foundation of both skills and fitness as a basis for future training and performance. These sessions will be an enjoyable, inclusive and challenging experience appropriate to individuals irrespective of their development level.

At an individual level I am happy to help provide advice to club members on specific areas e.g. training plans, types of training etc

Some of the areas I can help with include….

  •   Fundamental running skills and drills
  •   Skill development
  •   Energy systems and endurance running
  •   Physical preparation
  •   Nutrition
  •   Injury prevention and management
  •   Improving flexibility
  •   Factors influencing performance
  •   Athlete Development
  •   Training Programmes
  •   Tips and advice

If in doubt just ask….


Leader in Running Fitness

The Club also has a number of 'Leader in Running Fitness' qualified coaches who are also available to offer advice to our members
  •   - Graeme Spencer
  •   - Mark Taylor
  •   - Les Morris
  •   - Nick Dunning
  •   - Phil Cliff
  •   - Mike Wrench
  •   - Charlotte Logie
  •   - Colin Wynne
  •   - Claire Holly Allan
  •   - Mike Stevens
  •   - Stephen Whincup
  •   - Leanne Banks
  •   - Louise Gordon
  •   - David Bettley
  •   - Anne Penkethman
If you're interested in getting involved in coaching, please get in touch with Alasdair Dyde. You can find a roadmap of the coaching courses available from UK Athletics here

Training Plans & Guides
A 9-week programme to get you started and up to 5km (about 3 miles) Couch to 5K (PDF) A guide to Interval Training Interval Training (PDF) A guide to Alberto 300s (Intervals) Alberto 300 Intervals (PDF)

Current Sessions
The current coaching schedule is here. It refers to this leaflet on the Sandstone Trail for locations and there's this additional map for the Bickerton sessions

The dates and locations will be added to the calendar but please be aware that any changes to the published schedule will be publicised through the forum and Facebook