South Cheshire Harriers : Club Championship Divisions 2018
  Chris Pattinson  
  David Hook  
  Ivor Twiss  
  James Simpson  
  Mark Coulthard  
  Matthew Smith  
  Matthew Taylor  
  Paul Hancock  
  Peter Mallison  
  Tony Wardle  
  Bradley Smith  
  Clive Heathcock  
  David Morris  
  David Phillips  
  Gavin Brookes  
  John Putt  
  Kyle Fairclough  
  Martin Phillips  
  Melvyn Cole  
  Mick Tobin  
  Mike O`Brien  
  Mike Stevens  
  Nigel Baskerville  
  Norman Hindle  
  Pat Hudson  
  Russell Gibbons  
  Sean Dyer  
  Terry Barker  
  Andy Twiss  
  Bob Wilson  
  Chris Graham  
  Chris Hassall  
  Craig Williams  
  Jim Kelleher  
  Matt Warren  
  Mike Walker  
  Neil Ridgway  
  Nick Dunning  
  Paul Davies  
  Peter Rathbone  
  Philip Cliff  
  Robert Brown  
  Shane Finney  
  Simon Turner  
  Steve Atherton  
  Steve Crowe  
  Steve Harrison  
  Ainsley Cooper  
  Andrew Deaville  
  Charles Rowlands  
  Colin Earp  
  David Nimmo  
  David Smith  
  Dennis Robinson  
  Graeme Spencer  
  Ian Royle  
  James Cliffe  
  John Culshaw  
  Lee Birchall  
  Lee Wilkinson  
  Les Morris  
  Mark Beckett  
  Mark Randell  
  Mark Taylor  
  Martin Stirna  
  Mike Wrench  
  Richard Studzinski  
  Robin Zoka  
  Scott Logie  
  Stefan Studzinski  
  Andrew Kettle  
  Benjamin Large  
  David Gallagher  
  Mark Hickman  
  Martin Brown  
Members not listed will be assigned a division after the completion of two qualifying races.