South Cheshire Harriers


Most Improved Runner of the Year
First awarded in 2009, this trophy recognises the steps a member has taken to become a better runner over the previous year.

It is awarded annually, being based on an open vote of all members.

From 2013, a shortlist was produced, following a review of past performances, from which members voted for a male and female

2016 - (F) Diane Mason
(M) Paul Hancock
  • Diane
  • achieved so much this year, trained so hard and managed good for age for London. All the hard work paid off
  • Diane has had an amazing racing year and she excelled in the NSRRA.
  • Paul
  • great achievements across the whole spectrum on already fast times.
  • Provided a clear urine test is provided, Mr Hancock is without a shadow of doubt the most improved runner. He ran a 2:50 Marathon having never gone sub3 before. That is what call an incredible improvement at the very top of end. Bravo Hancock!
2015 - (F) Sue Poole
(M) Paul Hancock
  • Sue
  • Superb season with pb's and spine of the ladies team. Very driven this year
  • Both for her improved times but also her work as Cpt as of the women's team.
  • Paul
  • A really strong season for Paul, fantastic performance in the NSRRA and Cheshires!
  • Based on the number of events raced, Paul has consistently improved all year round
2014 - (F) Cathy Atherton and Philippa Tyson
(M) Chris Walsh
  • Cathy
  • The London marathon brought her on - and that had been achieved through the club ballot!
  • Outstanding marathon effort real improvement this year lovely with it and Cathy always the first to encourage others and I love that!!
  • Chris
  • Incredible improvement over the year with a 15 year pb smashed in his final race. Moved up through the training groups too
  • Chris has worked tremendously hard to improve his running performances this year and the huge improvement to his race times bear witness to this.
  • PB's at 60?
2013 - Anife Turchin and Dave Betteley
  • Anife
  • Her dedication to run a marathon was excellent
  • Improved constantly through the year and always smiling no matter how hard the race!
  • Dave
  • Dave has gone from being good to 'off the scale' in 12 months and I just can't keep up with him anymore...
  • From gasping with amazement as Dave lead the Cheshire X country champs at Reaseheath for the first half lap, to appreciating how hard he trains, and how this training has paid off with some really great times. Well done Dave, top runner!
2012 - Mandy Tibbott and Matt Smith (Joint Award)  
2011 - Lesley Cole
  • Incredible improvement in race times whilst maintaining a very caring and supportive attitude to other runners.
  • Has made huge improvements in her physical fitness, as demonstrated amply by the Personal Best times that she has achieved at all distances from 5 miles to Half Marathon
  • When doesn't Lesley run a pb? She pushes herself in every race, and deserves this award for a wonderful year of running.
  • She has just gone from strength to strength this year. She has clearly been putting in the hours and the effort and is consequently reaping the rewards by smashing her PBs and upping her percentages time and time again. Inspirational.
2010 - Katie Latham Gone from strength to strength - ever improving race times.
2009 - Nick Dunning For great PB improvements across a range of distances.