South Cheshire Harriers


Fell Runner of the Year
Also known as the John Booth Trophy, this award recognises the trials and tribulations of the off road runner.

It is awarded annually by the previous year's winner, on whatever grounds they see fit, at the infamous Alan's Run.

2017 - Liz Painter Solo trip through the Lake District
2016 - Alan Williams Mentor, guru and still killing the rest of us!
2015 - Amy Durrant First female member to complete the Bob Graham Round
2014 - Steve Whincup Another year of off-road ultras culminating in the Great Glen Way
2013 - Steve Carter and Simon Daly  
2012 - Liz Painter Fell running is about the ability to find where you are and get to where you want to be. For mountaincraft, or in other words the ability to get back to the pub first, I think Liz Painter deserves custody of the John Booth trophy.
2011 - Rebecca Marshall Being the previous winner of the John Booth trophy carries certain stresses with it, that last for the 12 months between receiving it and giving it up, namely having to do a speech, which is not my strong point, and deciding a new winner, not an easy task with such a great and talented group of fell runners.

My decision this year was made fairly early on, and was reinforced several times throughout the year. Becka Marshall only started running with us, and indeed off road, in the spring. She has performed very well in cross country, and got a category prize in the Staffs. Moorlands Summer Series. On more than one occasion she has been given the map at 2 minutes before 7pm, and has guided us round the route, back to the pub, in pretty good style.

She soon established herself to be one of the lads, being up for anything, skipping round the full South Cheshire Way relay route, apparently without much effort, LDWA events, and several other long distance outings at weekends. She has shown the spirit which is essential to succeed at any long distance fell running event, and is probably the first person ever to successfully challenge me for someone else’s. uneaten pie!!

At the presentation, there were heckles that this award was only given to Becka because she’s better looking than most, if not all of our group, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed I agree, but I’d challenge any of them to go out for a run in the hills with Becka for 4 or 5 hours, and see if you can stick with her! Well done Bec, you’ve got the ability to do anything you want to, a Bob Graham Round perhaps!
2010 - Dave Hindley Dave assisted on a number of Bob Graham attempts, completed the Saunders and the OMM, as well as Dark & White mini-MMs. This is a typical year for Dave, although he also managed to complete the Bob Graham Round on one of the hottest days of the year!
2009 - Andy Painter Awarded to Andy as 'the future of fell running in the Club'
2008 - Dave Hindley  
2007 - Mel Cole  
? Anyone know previous recipients?