South Cheshire Harriers


Club Member of the Year : Charlie Rowlands
Some of the comments received with Charlie's nominations
  • Excellent organisation and notes produced for the 25th anniversary South Cheshire way 'race' and he's not going to win any awards for his actual running....only joking!
  • Charlie organised such successful events this year, with the 20 miler, and the South Cheshire Way relay. He does it all in in his own inimtable way, loves running and is passionate about the club. Also his contribution to the forum, and facebook pages are always a highlight of a dreary day at work, and a guaranteed laugh out loud.
  • Charlie does an awful lot of work for the good of the club, often unnoticed. However, he surpassed previous achievements by putting heart and soul into the organisation of the South Cheshire Way relay, and the result was a great day out for everyone. He's also a brilliant bloke!
  • A mammoth effort putting together the South Cheshire Way event for the 25th anniversary and frequent scriber of news reports and newsletter articles. Has been known to run occassionally too!
  • Great job of organising the SCH 20 Mile race. Responsibilty as shop keeper ! for the club kit & the great service that comes with it! General all round good club contributor.

Ladies' Champion : Ruth Pryce
Ladies' Second : Katie Latham Ladies' Third : Lesley Cole

Men's Champion : Mike Hatton
Men's Second : Pete Mallison Men's Third : Ivor Twiss

Ladies' Off Road Champion : Ruth Pryce
Ladies' Second : Bec Marshall Ladies' Third : Liz Painter

Men's Off Road Champion : Pete Mallison
Men's Second : Mike Hatton Men's Third : Andy Mayers