South Cheshire Harriers


Club Member of the Year : Mel Cole
Some of the comments received in favour of Mel's nomination
    I would like to nominate Mel Cole for his achievements on and off the roads (numerous V55 wins including championship wins), for his enthusiatic organisation of the cross-country team and for his general support and encouragement of fellow club members whether down the club, on the roads or fells or in the pub
  • For all his success in the year's races, and for his tireless efforts to encourage others at the club
  • Although there are many worthy candidates, my nomination is for Mel Cole. When I joined the club, he took me under his wing, which he seems to do to every new member. He looks after the group he's running with just like a favourite Uncle. He's always got kind and encouraging words, and is a good person to ask for a balanced opinion. Furthermore, he's practiced what he preaches this season, with his many successes. In short, "Uncle" Mel is an all round "Good Egg!"
  • For his enthusiasm, especially to get everyone involved in X country and any other event. He's always encouraging people to well and is always there at the end of a race cheering people in. Just wish I could beat him one day and be able to shout "come on Mel, well done"
  • As a new member of the club, November 2007, Mel has encouraged me to push myself on club nights and to represent the club in a number of races over the next few months. In addition to this Mel is an excellent example of dedication to 'running' culminating in him winning 55+ NSRRA title this year. Well done Mel!
  • Excellent performances both on and off road and for inspiring us to the cross-country successes
  • Because he has worked hard for the club's benefit
  • I think he has had a fantastic year and been consistent throughout. Plus he is a great ambassador for the club

Ladies' Champion : Shelagh Swinnerton
Ladies' Second : Cindy Morrissette Ladies' Third : Sarah Dyde

Men's Champion : Mike Hatton
Men's Second : Mel Cole Men's Third : Steve Dawson

Mike Cutler received a special award in recognition of his competing in over 100 races during 2007