Next week (27th June) we will be running from the Sun Inn at Trevor, not far from Llangollen. Starting at 7:00.

The week after (4th July) we will be running from the market square at Longnor in the Peak District. Also starting at 7:00.

And the week after that (11th July) we will be having a local run from the Bickerton Poacher pub, on the Nantwich to Wrexham road. Was going to be the Sandstone Pub, but we've heard reports that it's currently shut and may not be opened again before 11th. Running at 7:00.

Click on the photo(s) above for a map of the starting point.

Recent(ish) trips:

Here is a link to a site with pictures of the Lake District. The photos are changed regularly.
Courtesy of Tony Richards